Brave Search Engine Launches New “Goggles” Feature | Here’s what he does

Brave’s search engine is launching a new “Goggles” feature, allowing users to make search more customizable to their liking.

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The “glasses” of Brave Search

Brave Search calls its new customization feature “Goggles,” which sounds suspiciously like the giant search engine Google.

But this brand new feature, which is still in beta testing, brings a whole level of customization options to its search results.

According to a report by The edge, “Goggles” has the potential to show search results that are mostly hidden in more traditional services like Google and Bing.

This is thanks to the custom filters that Brave Search introduces with its new Beta feature. The ranking of the results should be modified according to the filters applied.

The Verge notes that Brave is independent from giant search engines like Bing and Google. And the privacy-focused firm says it “has no editorial bias”.

But in reality, the algorithms themselves have some sort of bias, and the new Goggles feature seeks to abandon that.

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How Brave’s “Glasses” Work

According to a recent report by Ghacks, ‘Glasses debuted with a limited number of custom filters, allowing users to change the ranking of search results or remove a specific source.

One of the first custom Goggles filter options prioritizes tech blogs in Brave Search results.

Another Goggles option remarkably hides all results redirecting to Pinterest. The Verge notes that this one shows that Brave understands the frustration of seeing Pinterest image results, leading to a post without any source.

Meanwhile, the Google Goggle of “removing copiers” narrows results to more relevant sources because it excludes “copied content.”

The beta version also has an option that allows users to delete results from massive websites, specifically the top 1,000 sites online.

Brave Search Engine launches a new feature

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These are just a few options that Brave Search offers its users in its beta phase. But the search engine says its users could expand them.

Brave also revealed that it plans to remove these beta options once users start working on their builds.

However, The Verge states in its report that creating a mask is a bit complex for most people online. It’s not as simple as filtering your searches on Gmail.

Instead, Brave Search’s new feature requires creators of new eyewear to learn a bit of coding. If you are a developer, this should be an easy task for you. But most of us need to hone our coding skills first.

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