DeepDAO launches the very first specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystem

DeepDAO, a data aggregator and analysis tool, launched the first specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystem.

With over 4,100 DAOs and 1.6 million people holding governance tokens, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate this complex and emerging world. DeepDAO’s proprietary search engine was designed to provide people participating in the DAO ecosystem with a simple way to make informed decisions.

DeepDAO’s engine maps the relationships between DAOs, their users and their tokens

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have been a part of the crypto industry for quite some time, but it wasn’t until mid-2021 that they became an irreplaceable part of the market. The innovative governance structure allows companies and organizations to be managed digitally, in a fully decentralized way and with unprecedented transparency.

However, the large number of DAOs in the market makes it a difficult ecosystem to navigate and might deter people from joining.

“This emerging and expansive network of people socializing, investing, working and doing great things together demands a deeper suite of tools. W3 people need relevant data to help them make new connections between themselves and their organizations in a fun and accessible way,” said Eyal Eithcowich, Founder and CEO of DeepDAO.

DeepDAO has created a comprehensive search engine that will allow users to navigate the sprawling DAO ecosystem. Built on DeepDAO’s list of DAOs and governance profiles, the search engine allows users and organizations to navigate a sea of ​​data and understand DAO networks, tokens, and interactions.

The platform catalogs and analyzes organizational data, creating personal profiles for its DAO governance token holders. DeepDAO has already made millions of Ethereum addresses searchable and aggregated the interactions made by each address.

The DeepDAO search engine divides its data into four segments: organizations, people, fees, and tools. The DAO feed offers users an overview of all the decisions and votes that take place in the DAO ecosystem, while the tools segment lists several dozen tools for creating and managing DAOs.

“The launch of our search engine is an important step because it allows everyone to discover everything they need to know about DAOs, from learning to creating, managing and understanding the inner workings of DAOs”, Eitchowich said in a statement. shared with CryptoSlate.