Google abuses the domination of search engines in France: EANA


Google is trying to abuse its dominance of search engines in France, according to the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) on Monday.

“Google is trying to set a precedent by forcing French news publishers to offer their content for free in order to avoid fair payments to publishers, thereby affecting their revenue and independence,” EANA said in a written statement.

EANA underlined that “France is the first country to apply national rules to implement the European directive on copyright”, adding that it believes in the fair economic treatment of journalistic work provided for by the new directive. on copyright to promote quality journalism.

“EANA, as the Alliance of European News Agencies, strongly supports the position of French and European publishers who are protesting against Google’s plans to put publishers under pressure,” he added.

EANA also said that the European Parliament passed the Copyright Directive ensuring that the public has access to the highest quality information and that publishers and news agencies are paid when their content is used in line.

“EANA strongly believes that European media consumers have the right to access diverse and high quality journalism,” the statement reads, and adds: “European news agencies, being at the forefront of collecting world information, raise their voices to preserve a media industry capable of responding to this primary requirement of democratic societies”.

EANA serves as a professional platform to increase cooperation and exchange of information between European news agencies by organizing annual conferences where problems and future prospects are discussed.

It was founded on August 21, 1956 in conjunction with a conference on new media technologies held in Strasbourg, France.

Its founding fathers were the Western European news agencies, Anadolu Agency and Tanjug (Yugoslavia). In 1970, agencies behind the so-called “Iron Curtain” were invited to join.

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