Google outage: Tech giant apologizes after software update caused search engine to crash | Google

Google has apologized for a software update issue that caused a major international outage on Tuesday.

A company spokesperson said the team had “worked quickly” to resolve the issue and services were operating normally.

“We are aware of a software update issue that occurred late this afternoon Pacific Time that briefly affected the availability of Google Search and Maps,” they said.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We worked to quickly resolve the issue and our services are now back online. »

The outage was quickly reported by the technology platforms.

The real-time online platform Downdetector reported that users had recorded problems with Google Explorer, the world’s dominant search engine as of 2:12 a.m. BST (9:12 p.m. EDT, 11:12 a.m. AEST).

As of 2:38 a.m. BST, there had been 4,113 confirmed reports of Google outages.


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Users said sister platforms Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Images were also experiencing issues. Both rely on Google’s search engine to work.

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Hello Amanda. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard ( shows no failure. Could you tell us more about what seems to be going on with your Gmail address? We would be happy to help you.

—Gmail (@gmail) August 9, 2022

Network intelligence firm ThousandEyes Inc reported that Google outages affected at least 1,338 servers worldwide in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Israel , parts of South America, Europe and Asia, including China and Japan.

The first reported outage on ThousandEyes lasted around 34 minutes before a second blip occurred around 3am BST. It affected a smaller number of servers and took around seven minutes to resolve.

Users trying to use the search engine encountered a 502 or 500 error.

“The server encountered a temporary error and was unable to complete your request,” reads one error page.

“Please try again in 30 seconds.”

Users took to Twitter to express their confusion, returning to other search engines, including Bing and DuckDuckGo, to surf the web.

Google does not publish exact traffic figures, but it is the most visited website on the net, receiving more than 80 billion visits per month.

Google is experiencing an outage, so I’m literally on bing dot com.

— Jesslyn 🇮🇩 (@jtannady) August 9, 2022

This article was modified on August 10, 2022 to refer to 9:12 p.m. EDT, rather than 9:12 p.m. EST; and to use BST as the default time zone everywhere.