GR0 Wins 2021 Search Engine Land Award for Best B2B Search Marketing Initiative

The Los Angeles-based marketing agency primarily focuses on SEO, but recently created a smaller SEM arm that is rapidly gaining traction. The growing team works with DTC and B2B brands, helping them attract high-quality leads through users who qualify the results they want to see through their keyword research. This strategy is completely passive – also considered “pull” marketing – achieving exciting results for brands, and especially B2B advertisers.

“The success of our clients is how we measure our success in the PPC department of GR0 – we are extremely honored to have our young department recognized for helping to develop the B2B leads for our client on PPC,” said the co. -responsible for Google Ads of GR0. Tyler Rhodes.

Co-director and partner of Rhodes Michel Uribe also said, “We are extremely honored to receive this award, and thrilled to know that it means we have done a great job for our client. Combining the power of Google Ads as a high-performance lead generation tool intention with a well-oiled sales system built by our client, we were able to create a funnel for the business that resulted in them receiving millions of dollars in funding after just 6 months of advertising.”

The “Best B2B Search Marketing Initiative – SEM” category recognizes the most successful campaign by internal teams, agencies or consultants running paid search campaigns on one or more search-based advertising platforms, demonstrating a continuous improvement and a positive return on investment. Entrants must demonstrate the success of paid search advertising efforts to improve visibility in paid results to drive sales, generate leads and/or convert new customers on major search platforms. GR0’s innovative approach achieved 20x ROAS within the first two months of launching the CRS Campaign Credit API, and has since climbed to over 130x lifetime ROAS in one year.

Campaign Background

In October 2020, GR0’s SEM team was tasked with one of its first campaigns as a new department and was asked to help a disruptive B2B services company grow on Google Ads. Credit Reporting Services (CRS Credit API) has identified an opportunity to disrupt an outdated B2B service industry – credit reporting for property owners, financial services companies, lending institutions, or virtually any business that is required to manage a credit report. an individual’s credit from the 3 major credit reporting bureaus.

The challenge

This created a unique challenge for the GR0 SEM team due to the extremely limited search volume that exists around credit report software keywords – Although there is significant traffic from credit queries from consumers, target customer searches for CRS (a large company that runs credit reports) are much less frequent.

In order to scale on Google Ads, GR0 created granular ad groups of 3-5 keywords and prioritized exact matches, applying aggressive negative keyword extensions on a near-daily basis to quell any spikes in traffic. non pertinent.

The results

After just two months of optimizing their SEM, GR0 managed to increase SEM lead volume from 10 leads per month to 75 leads per month at a consistent close rate. As lead quality remained high, CRS increased its budget – reaching over 100 leads per month throughout 2021. In addition to extracting high-intent leads from extremely insecure search landscapes, the CRS B2B campaign was the highest B2B ROAS campaign GR0 has ever seen. executed with accurate conversion tracking in place. Due to the nature of credit reporting services, the campaign achieved a 20x ROAS within the first 2 months of launch and has since climbed to over 130x lifetime ROAS at present.

Rhodes shared his final thoughts on the campaign, “What really drives and inspires us is knowing that the work that led to this award has enabled our B2B client to raise multi-million dollar funding, citing our Google Ads lead generation as a key growth factor.”

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GR0 was co-founded by SEO and marketing experts and longtime best friends Jonathan Zacharie, and Kevin Miller who both have extensive experience in online marketing and advertising with top D2C and B2B brands.

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