There’s a Tumblr just for ELia*s catalogs, and we’ve got 90s fashion flashbacks


For those of you who don’t remember (or, yes, were too young), Delia’s was the catalog from the 90s, selling all the era-appropriate clothing (wide pants! baby t-shirts! pageboy caps!) and cosmetics (glittery nail polish! butterfly clips!) a girl could ever want or need. It now exists as an electronic communication website, but nothing will ever fill the void left by the actual print catalog.


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That’s why we’re so happy that Kate Gabrielle of, the queen of nostalgia and the woman behind throwback blogs like ’90s Time Machine and Scathingly Brilliant (as well as the deliciously random Is That Mustache Really Necessary? and Sleeeeeves), did us all a big favor in March 2015 when she scanned and downloaded the pages of two crucial Delia issues: Spring Break 1998 and Holiday 1999, which now live in infamy on Delia’s Catalogs microblog.

Kate said she found the catalog, “in middle school, around 1998. I was immediately obsessed and convinced my parents to let me order tie-waist maxiskirts and denim platform clogs. I think which I stopped ordering from the catalog once I left high school… My last purchase was a pair of glittery gold cat head flats to wear on New Years Eve a few years ago.”

Sadly, she no longer has most of her old Delia items, but she’s not averse to spending a little to get a catalog herself. “I shouldn’t admit it, because it’s a little embarrassing, but a few years ago I got into a bidding war on eBay for a Delia catalog from the 90s. When I lost the auction, I was a bit disappointed that I never had to flip through these pages, and that’s when I took a look at the collection of catalogs I had already amassed and realized that I had to start scanning,” and that’s how the blog was born, says Kate. “I get so excited when someone shares something online that looks like a time capsule – like pictures of shopping malls from the late ’80s or those ads for blacklight posters and silver lipstick in ’90s teen fan magazines – and to me, the Delia catalogs offer that same sense of time travel.” And yes, the blog will continue: “I’m still planning to add more catalogs to the blog (I have nine more left in my c personal collection to scan) as soon as I find the time.”