AI Spera will present the CTI search engine at the RSA 2022 conference

One of the highlights of AI Spera’s showcase at the event will be its recently launched Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence search engine, criminal IP and attack surface management solution, CMA. Attendees are invited to experience a demonstration of the company’s solutions and meet the experts in artificial intelligence and data security at booth #935-2 inside the Korea Pavilion in the lobby of southern exposure. Additional gifts are also available for anyone visiting the booth.

Criminal IP is a comprehensive search engine that detects vulnerabilities in personal or corporate cyber assets in real time and enables preventive responses accordingly. It is possible to diagnose malicious IP addresses, exploits, threat related images and easily view information of all types of assets accessible on the Internet, including banners, certificates, SCADA, IoT, servers and CCTV, as well as actionable country-based information. and service-specific statistics in one place. Additional features including domain and certificate searchch wwill be updated soon. This solution is now running a free beta service until July and all search functionality including API support is available with a simple registration on its website (

RMR is a SaaS-based enterprise attack surface management solution powered by AI and machine learning. Ensuring clear visibility into corporate IT assets on the attack surface, its simple integration gives users the most comprehensive data feeds that cover all externally exposed digital assets and the vulnerabilities they contain.

About AI Spera: AI Spera is a growing cyber threat intelligence company. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, it focuses on anomaly detection and data-driven security solutions. It bolsters various areas in which Criminal IP defends against ever-evolving cyber threats, spanning education and research, corporate security teams, white hackers, national agencies, and cybercrime investigative organizations.