Apple is working on its own search engine to replace Google on iPhones

WWDC is right around the corner and while most of us are excited to see what Apple brings to the table with iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS 13, it might have a rather different weapon up its sleeve this year.


Leakers and online tipsters hint that Apple may be working on its own search engine. For those unaware, Apple is currently known to use Google as the primary search engine for its Siri navigation as well as Safari.

However, with the exponential growth of Apple’s user base, Apple is considering dipping its toes into search engine territory, according to a series of tweets revealed by blogger Robert Scoble. He also called this year’s WWDC the most expensive product launch ever.

For those who don’t know, to keep Google as the primary browser on Apple products, it partnered with Google for years, worth an estimated $20 billion a year. The partnership also prohibits the Cupertino giant from publishing its own search engine, based on court documents filed in a recent class action lawsuit.

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However, according to Scoble, Apple’s search engine could be introduced today and is expected to go live by January 2023.

Not much information has been released regarding this speculation, so we highly recommend taking this with a grain of salt. However, even if Apple decides to launch its own search engine, chances are it won’t be as good.

Take for example its attempt to replace Google Maps. When it launched, it was a total disaster, engulfed in bugs and inaccuracies. Even today, it is barely usable, making people more eager to use Google Maps for their navigational needs.

Plus, there’s already a ton of competition in the search engine game, with Microsoft’s Bing or even privacy-centric search engines like DuckDuckGo among others, but Google has been everyone’s choice.

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Either way, it’ll be interesting to see Apple’s implementation, if it’s actually working on one. In my expectation, this search engine could also bring next-level Spotlight-like search to iOS and iPadOS, while doubling down on browsing privacy and cookie management.

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