Bizconnect launches the world’s first business-to-business search engine and community

LA VEGAS, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — bizconnect, a global B2B search engine dedicated to connecting businesses and organizations around the world, came out of stealth mode today with the official launch of the industry’s first B2B search engine and community. Unlike other search engines like Google, Alibaba, Yahoo! and Bing, Bizconnect’s mission is to help businesses, organizations, and B2B professionals connect using a secure, verified search engine. The Bizconnect search engine and hub focuses solely on B2B in a verified environment using the Dun and Bradstreet/Hoovers database to qualify buyers and sellers. Unlike other search engine pay-per-click auction models that favor big brands and big budgets, Bizconnect’s ethical advertising platform gives every advertiser equal time in top positions, plus guaranteed results or reimbursed.

Guided by its core ethical value of user privacy and fair advertising opportunities for all, the Bizconnect team includes experts in machine learning, database management, web crawling, spidering, user interface, mobile applications and IT security, as well as data scientists and artificial intelligence ethics advisers. .

“Traditional search engines are built for consumers, making them less effective for B2B keyword research and difficult for businesses looking for commercial products and services for advertisers targeting commercial audiences,” said Thi Thi Hoang, founder and CEO of Bizconnect. “B2B lead generation and advertising are overdue for disruption. Our privacy and ethics-driven approach to connecting businesses and professionals, coupled with our highly experienced team of experts and business veterans , is the perfect combination to lead this B2B search engine transformation.”

Advantages of the Bizconnect B2B search engine:

  • Offers B2B products and services for businesses and organizations
  • It’s a safe way for B2B buyers to find new manufacturers, supply chains, distributors and other B2B organizations by keyword and region or country; Bizconnect will never sell data to third parties
  • Through its relationship with Dun and Bradstreet, people/companies are vetted and vetted
  • Offers translation chat, advice and site profiles with all the necessary business information and videos to help buyers and sellers interact with each other
  • Profiles will list contact details for business locations or divisions by country

Benefits for Bizconnect sellers/advertisers:

  • Offers fair advertising with flat rates per keyword, and all sponsors rotate equally
  • Better positioning on search results for all selected keywords
  • Pay-per-click model, only pay when businesses click through to your website and profile pages
  • Access to Bizconnect’s global team for consulting, brokerage and logistical support
  • Money-back guarantee if ad campaigns don’t work as expected. Bizconnect will offer a full refund

“Bizconnect offers a full advertising money-back guarantee, flat rates and rotating sponsors to help small and medium-sized businesses level the playing field with large corporations,” Hoang continued. “We aspire to be a win-win environment to ensure success. If you don’t win, we don’t win. This is an integral part of our overall mission to help businesses using our platform succeed. We want to make Bizconnect a risk-free advertising opportunity.”

The Bizconnect search engine will return results for tens of millions of global businesses using single keywords. Bizconnect will list businesses for free and offer free organic search results. For advertising opportunities, there is an initial minimum budget which includes a one-time setup and profile fee and no annual fee. To start the launch of Bizconnect, they are offering 30% bonus advertising via June 30th. For more information or to register today, visit

About BizConnect

Bizconnect is a global search engine and hub dedicated to helping businesses connect with other businesses and organizations around the world. The Bizconnect search engine and hub are strictly business-to-business (B2B) in a verified environment to qualify both buyers and sellers, ensuring advertiser clicks are verified buyers from businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

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