DeepDAO unveils the very first specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystem and its users

  • A data aggregator and analysis tool, DeepDAO, has unveiled the launch of the first-ever specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystem and the people involved in it.
  • With the search engine, individuals and organizations can easily navigate DAO’s vast data and learn all about DAO tokens, networks, and interactions.
  • For its DAO governance token holders, the platform lists and analyzes organizational data and creates personal profiles.

DeepDAO, a data analytics site for decentralized autonomous organizations, announced the launch of the first specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystem.

The digital world emerging every day is becoming difficult to navigate as the space now hosts over 4,100 DAOs and around 1.6 million people hold governance tokens.

In an effort to enable users who participate in the DAO ecosystem to easily make informed decisions, DeepDAO has designed its specialized search engine.


DeepDAO’s specialized engine allows users to navigate the sprawling DAO ecosystem

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have been a part of the crypto industry for quite some time, but it wasn’t until mid-2021 that they became an irreplaceable part of the market. The innovative governance structure enables businesses and organizations to be managed digitally, fully decentralized and with unprecedented transparency.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become an irreplaceable part of the crypto industry since mid-2021. The unconventional governance structure allows organizations and businesses to be digitally managed in a fully decentralized manner and with extraordinary transparency.

Nevertheless, the large number of DAOs in the market deters individuals from exploring space and makes it difficult to navigate the ecosystem.

DeepDAO Founder and CEO Eyal Eithcowich says there is a demand for a deeper suite of tools as the emerging and expanded network of people socialize, invest, work, and do remarkable things together. Individuals and groups need relevant data in the W3 world to connect with each other and also manage their organizations in a fun and interactive way.

The comprehensive search engine built by DeepDAO allows users to navigate the expanding DAO ecosystem. Moreover, the search engine also allows users and institutions to navigate through the huge sea of ​​data and understand DAO tokens, networks, and interactions.

Millions of Ethereum addresses already searchable by DeepDAO

The platform details and analyzes organizational data, creating personal profiles for its DAO governance token holders. There are already millions of Ethereum addresses searchable by DeepDAO. The platform also collected the different interactions made by each address.

The DeepDAO search engine separates data into four categories: people, organizations, fees, and tools. The DAO feed gives information about all the decisions and votes that take place in the DAO ecosystem. Meanwhile, the tools segment lists dozens of DAO development and management tools.

Eitchowich, in a recent interview, said the launch of the specialized search engine is an important step because it allows everyone to find what they are looking for on DAOs, as soon as they learn how to create, manage and understanding the inner workings of DAOs.

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