Dog Spotted’s search engine helps you find pet-friendly businesses

New York may be a concrete jungle, but it’s not always the most hospitable place for our four-legged friends. Now Dog Spotted is trying to connect dog owners with pet-friendly places across town through its new Doggie Directory Search Engine.

The Doggie Directory allows pet owners to search for veterinarians and places to bring their dogs to New York. This last feature includes eight categories:

  1. Restaurants/Bars/Brasseries
  2. Groceries/Shopping
  3. Pet shops
  4. Hotels
  5. Activities
  6. Tourist attractions/cultural institutions
  7. Dog parks
  8. Dog races

You can also search by location, name or type of service offered. Featured businesses have a profile that includes their address and contact details and photos of pets having fun at the location. The best part? Its use is totally free.

Dog Spotted seeks to grow an online community of pet owners in New York, connecting them to everything from expert advice and pet-focused events to information about local businesses and pet owners. rescues. Jamie Ruden, a Manhattan native, a dog lover who was surprised to find a lack of centralized information for New York pet owners, founded it. It hopes to roll out even more features and an expanded list of companies in the coming months.

Discover the complete Dog Spotted search engine Here for more info.