Electronic catalogs of local products must be accessible to the government: Jokowi

As a result, many products have made their way into the electronic catalog

Jakarta (ANTARA) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has instructed his staff to ensure that electronic catalogs (e-catalogs) of local products are accessible to the government.

“He (the president) directs (his staff) to ensure that electronic catalogs of local products (are) accessible to the government,” said the head of the Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy Agency ( LKPP), Abdullah Azwar Anas, after attending a restricted meeting with the President to discuss accelerating digital transformation for the procurement of goods and services here on Thursday.

E-Catalog is an online shopping application developed by LKPP that provides various kinds of local products and products required by the government. Anas recalled that during his 10 years as a district manager, it was very difficult to create electronic catalogs of local products due to the large number of requirements.

Currently, the LKPP has removed several requirements and all districts and cities have electronic catalogs.

“As a result, many products have made their way into the electronic catalog,” he explained.

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Anas claimed that the LKPP also cut a long chain related to the process of displaying products in e-catalogs, from the previous eight processes to just two processes.

“Therefore, in the past, there were only 52,000 products in a year, whereas now there are 600,000 products in a year for electronic catalogs. Meanwhile, online stores currently have 708,835 products and there are 303,000 merchants,” he said. noticed.

He said that the President had instructed that the creation of electronic catalogs should not be more complicated and should be integrated from one region to another.

“Thus, the LKPP as well as the Ministry of Finance, the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) and the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment are working together. The financial system is now integrated,” he said. – he points out.

He said the government should procure the products from MSMEs through Fund Disbursement Order (SP2D), except for products below Rs 50 million. Currently, with the government credit card (KKP), it is possible to purchase MSME products in electronic catalogs.

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The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, has previously urged micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to use electronic catalogs to reap the benefits of participating in government procurement.

Speaking at a National Movement for Proud Manufacturing Indonesia (Gernas BBI) event in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan on Friday, he urged regional governments to create e-catalogs to help more MSMEs and their enable participation in government and state procurement. owner-owned facilities and infrastructure.

“I am asking the heads of districts to (please) make local e-catalogs. This (will facilitate) the creation of each region,” he said.

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The government could save up to 20-25% of its budget when procuring goods by using electronic catalogs instead of procuring goods and services through tenders, he said. -He underlines.

In addition, clear and transparent sales and pricing systems can contribute to corruption prevention efforts.

“Electronic catalogs don’t need to be tendered. (Their) prices (are) clearly stated, (and you can) save (budget too), (and you can also) avoid corruption. (You ) can save up to 20-25% with e-catalogs,” he noted.

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