FREESPOKE SEARCH ENGINE, BACKED BY NOTABLE BUSINESSMAN, CHALLENGES GOOGLE is the search engine for those who think for themselves

CHICAGO, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Todd Rickettco-owner of MLB’s Chicago Cubs, challenges Big Tech’s strong stance on access to information by launching Freespoke, a search engine offering users unbiased and uncensored media while ensuring they are not being tracked and that their information is not sold, which Google and others will not. do. and the Freespoke app deliver quality real-time search results and news from different perspectives, empowering the user. News stories on Freespoke are never removed or deleted, but Freespoke users – dubbed “Freefolk” – have the power to see the big picture.

Freespoke serves users who want to understand all sides of a topic, without bias. Features are presented and labeled as LEFT, MIDDLE or RIGHT, alerting users to possible tilt.

“We are committed to providing the latest news and research results without bias or censorship,” said Freespoke CEO Mr. Ricketts. “Our users seek truth and access to all available information. They want to think and decide for themselves, and want to know the facts, even the most unpopular. They value the right to think freely for themselves. Freespoke permits.”

Mr. Ricketts and Co-Founder Christine Jackson believe that Americans should be provided with complete information and free from digital tracking. “Freespoke takes privacy seriously. Users are not tracked and Freespoke does not sell your personal information,” Ms Jackson said.

The Freespoke app was launched at the end of May and is available on Apple and Android. Its rapid growth is due in part to more than a quarter of a million users and subscribers who are looking for an alternative to Big Tech’s algorithmically biased search engines like Google. Users can register at to receive daily email updates and breaking news, all presented with the same commitment to showing the full picture that has become synonymous with Freespoke.

About Freespoke

Freespoke is a technology company, providing an unbiased digital platform serving as a search engine and news aggregator without deleting, deleting stories or digitally tracking users. Freespoke believes in empowering Americans with uncensored information and the value of free thought. For more information, visit

Todd Rickett

Driven by Big Tech’s stranglehold on Americans’ ability to freely consume information and an assault on our freedoms of speech and debate. Todd Rickett and co-founder Christine Jackson created the technological platform and the search engine straight talk as a commitment to Americans that they can access uncensored information, see the big picture, and think for themselves.

As part-owner of the Chicago Cubs and a member of the board of directors of the Charles Schwab Corporation, Todd worked through United States business ecosystem. Todd was previously chief executive of Ending Spending, a national advocacy group focused on finding solutions to the country’s financial crisis.

In early 2018, Todd was named National Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee. In February 2019President Donald J. Trump chose Todd to serve as finance chairman of Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee between the RNC and Trump’s re-election campaign for president.

Todd sits on the board of trustees of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans as well as the Cloisters of the Platte Foundation. He is active at the Churchill Center and previously served as Regent at Loyola University Chicago, where he earned a degree in economics.

Christine Jackson

Christine Jackson is an entrepreneur passionate about presenting news and information in a free and fair way, allowing Americans to see and reflect for themselves on the critical stories that impact their lives.

In 2022, the Freespoke app was launched for Apple and Android phones, so that more free thinkers (and future Freefolk) could access uncensored studies, articles and reports, unhindered by the biased algorithms of Big Tech.

Kristin keeps the tech company charged with its aggressive mission to be your go-to technology platform that respects your privacy, doesn’t track or sell your personal information, and doesn’t censor viewpoints. As COO, she oversees product direction, branding and marketing, legal operations, hiring and budgets.

She is also CEO of Paychecka personal finance news agency that delivers economic stories from the perspective of local paychecks with a touch of humor, helping working Americans understand the impact the news has on their bottom line.

Kristin currently serves on the board of trustees of Chicago Hope Academy and previously served as a senior advisor to the Kemp Foundation and the Policy Circle. Earlier in her career, Kristin served as a civil servant on Capitol Hill and an associate program officer at an institute promoting democracy and countering authoritarian rule in Latin America.

Kristin holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, psychology, and Spanish from Missouri State University and a master’s degree in administration from Georgetown University.

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