Google vs. PriceRunner: Search Engine Company Faces $2.4 Billion Lawsuit

Swedish price comparison website PriceRunner said U.S. giant Google, owned by Alphabet, violated antitrust laws and manipulated search results.

With that, PriceRunner is suing Google for $2.4 billion. Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of Google.

According to Barronsthe company is involved in the acquisition and operation of various businesses, the most popular web services are the Google search engine and Google segments, including the company’s most important Internet products, such as advertisements, Android, Chrome, Hardware, Google Maps, Google Cloud, Google Play and YouTube, and other Google services.

This was followed by the Verdict of the European Court on November 10, 2021, where Google was found promoting its comparison shopping services in its search engine instead of applying fairness. For this reason, the EU confirmed a fine of 2.8 billion euros from the European Commission or 54,411,728 dollars levied against the internet giant.

However, despite last year’s decision, Google, to this day, still does not pay the compensation that was decided by the court. The reason is said to be that Google is in the process of appealing against the fine set by the EU. Google believes that “there are areas which require legal clarification from the European Court of Justice”.

As stated by Reutersin the Swedish-based company’s lawsuit, it was said that the lawsuit was brought in Sweden to compel Google to compensate it for profits it had lost in Sweden, Denmark and the UK since 2008.

Previous court ruling on Google lawsuit

Engadget reported that the General Court of the European Union had upheld last November’s decision to fine Google US$2.8 billion for favoring its comparison shopping services over those of its competitors.

It was reported that the tech giant was found to have unfairly favored its price-matching services and directed customers to its items over those of its competitors.

Despite the fact that the $2.8 billion sanction represents a tiny percentage of Alphabet’s $2 trillion market capitalization, it was the largest financial sanction ever imposed by the commission.

The court statement said:

“The Tribunal finds that by promoting its own comparison shopping service on its general results pages through more favorable display and positioning, while relegating the results of competing comparison services to these pages by means of ranking algorithms , Google has moved away from the competition on the merits.

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Google vs. PriceRunner: claim by plaintiffs

Founder and CEO Mikael Lindahl clarified that PriceRunner is seeking compensation for all damages that Google has violated for a long time. Additionally, Lindahl strongly believes that this lawsuit is a fight for consumers who have suffered tremendously from Google’s antitrust violation over the past fourteen years and continue to do so to this day.

As written in Engadget, PriceRunner says Google is “abusing its dominant position” and occupying a “monopoly-like position” in Europe. In addition, the company also adds that it is convinced that Google has not yet complied with the European Commission’s decision.

Nevertheless, the Swedish company also assumes that since this violation has not been dealt with with appropriate compensation, the violation is still ongoing and the amount of damages increases daily. They anticipate that the final damages amount of the lawsuit will be significantly higher.

The company claimed that traffic and profits were diverted from itself and other shopping services and that its offers were superior to those of other shopping services, which hurt consumers.

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