IIT-Kanpur incubates startup to develop AI-powered search engine to help police: The Tribune India


New Delhi, March 2

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur’s Center of Excellence (CoE) has incubated the Lucknow-based Future Crime Research Foundation think tank, which is working to develop an AI-based big data search engine, the first in the like, to help the police.

According to officials, the search engine aims to facilitate the process of investigation and law enforcement.

It will integrate data from all key stakeholders to create a search engine that will help with predictive policing, mapping and crime analysis apart from other services, they said.

With the rise in crime, the police and intelligence services face a major difficulty in combating it. They face the difficult task of predicting crime and public order issues, officials said.

“Fraud and crime are one of society’s main problems. The Future Crime Research Foundation (FRCF) develops predictive policing methods using artificial intelligence.

“Now we can better understand crime and solve it faster,” said Nikhil Agarwal, CEO of AIIDE (Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship) Center of Excellence at IIT Kanpur.

FCRF is building a platform where data from all vital organizations and institutions are linked. With the click of a button, they will be able to find detailed data that will help in the investigation.

“We will collect all the necessary data from many sources and create a single platform capable of performing data analysis using regression models, data mining and artificial intelligence, as well as provide insight into the crime pattern unique to a given region,” said FCRF co-founder Shashank Shekhar.

He explained that this platform will help the police to carry out further analysis, learn more about the factors that influence criminal behavior and better predict where and when crimes will occur.

“Police forces in India frequently face health and social challenges due to overwork, which requires better allocation of resources.

“As a result, any policing technology or system that allows for better resource allocation is highly desirable,” Shekhar said.

FCRF previously created India’s first search engine for Nodal Officers and all Indian Police Station numbers.