LEYTON Launches Grants Finder That Instantly Identifies Funding Streams Available to Businesses

After years of missed funding opportunities, businesses can now get financial support with the click of a button.

TORONTO, April 27, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – LEYTON Inc., an international innovation finance consulting firm, today announced the launch of a new tool, “Fund analysiswhich allows businesses to discover eligible funding opportunities without spending hours browsing complex government websites. Fundscan is an easy-to-use tool designed to simplify the grant-finding process by directly matching businesses to applicable government grants. government grants are an excellent resource to help companies obtain funds to carry out ongoing R&D projects, provide salary support and enter new markets. Grants are available to businesses of all sizes and in all industries and can be used to support almost any ongoing business initiative. However, due to its baffling and unknown nature, every year hundreds of government grants go unclaimed. In 2021, only about 500 of more than 1,500 government grants have been awarded, leaving thousands of dollars available1. With the launch of this new tool, companies can access capital to grow their business locally and internationally while remaining focused on their business. With Fund analysisusers will find they have more access to capital than they thought.

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Fundscan removes barriers that prevent many businesses from taking advantage of government grants.

Fund analysis was developed to provide business owners with the ability to capitalize on available funding without needing to be a subject matter expert. Fund analysis allows users to collect the information needed to self-determine their eligibility for available funding. Similar to collaborating with a consultant, the tool was designed to advise users on the best funding opportunities available in seconds. Once users have self-identified the best opportunities for their business, they can work with one of our many grant consultants to receive maximum benefits with minimum risk and time investment. .

Fund scanning functions:

  • FREE to use!

  • Filter by business profile and needs

  • Simplified Grant Descriptions

  • Direct Segway to Government of Canada grant description

  • Constantly updated

  • 1000+ grants available

  • Fast and effective

  • Easy access to knowledgeable consultants

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of FundScan, Leyton’s free grants search engine enabling Canadian businesses to save time and access expertise while navigating the landscape of Canadian business advantages.

I want to thank the Leyton Development and Grants teams for their hard work developing the platform and look forward to the continued development of new features and benefits.

We are both excited and proud to further foster Canadian innovation through FundScan. »Charles SoleToronto sales manager

Fund analysis is a revolutionary tool that simplifies access to complex financing opportunities. This free tool removes the barriers that prevent many businesses from taking advantage of government grants. With Fund analysisinnovation is just a click away.

About LEYTON Inc.:

Founded in 1997, Leyton is a global consulting firm that helps companies leverage financial incentives to accelerate growth and achieve sustainable performance. In Canada, we have offices in TorontoMontreal and Calgary. We offer consulting services in the area of ​​innovation financing in the form of R&D tax credits, government grants, recovery of sales tax, property tax and assessment. Our highly skilled teams of tax and technical specialists, enhanced with state-of-the-art digital tools, maximize financial and non-dilutive benefits for all types of businesses and organizations. With over 24 years of experience in the field, Leyton enables companies to innovate by leveraging existing tools and financing globally, to enable a steady flow of benefits, with the customer remaining at the center of all processes and strategies.


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