Mojo acquires the music publishing catalogs of country greats Bob Morrison and Jerry Reed

Mojo Music & Media: Make moves.

NASHVILLE-based MOJO MUSIC & MEDIA has acquired a 50% stake in acclaimed songwriter BOB MORRISON’s publishing catalog, as well as the author’s share, artist and recording royalties of the legendary writer, artist and actor JERRY REED. As MOJO previously owned REED’s publishing catalog, this additional acquisition gives the company full control over the legacy of the icon’s works.

The MORRISON deal brings 76 country and pop singles, including such standards as JOHNNY LEE’s ‘Lookin’ For Love’, KENNY ROGERS’ ‘Love The World Away’, CONWAY TWITTY’s ‘Don’t Call Him A Cowboy’, “Whiskey” from HIGHWAY 101. , If You Were a Woman” and “Tonight The Heartache’s On Me” from THE CHICKS. REED’s acquisition features 50 singles spanning three decades, including “Amos Moses”, “Guitar Man”, “A Thing Called Love”, “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” and “East Bound And Down” .

In the three years that MOJO owned REED’s publishing catalog, the company’s creative team landed multiple syncs, including “I Feel For You” on NBC’s “Good Girls,” “East Bound And Down” in a nationwide ad campaign for HYUNDAI and “When You’re Hot You’re Hot” in summer season spots for CHEVROLET. Placements will continue in the spring and summer with “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot.” es hot” and “East Bound And Down” featured in NISSAN’s NCAA MARCH Madness spots, deep cut “I Shoulda Stayed Home” featured in A24 FILMS thriller “X” and “Guitar Man” appearing in upcoming ELVIS PRESLEY biopic of BAZ LUHRMANN.

MOJO Co-Founder/CEO MARK FRIED commented, “Our joint venture with BOB MORRISON and our 360 Legacy Agreement with JERRY REED’s daughters underscores MOJO’s commitment to partnering with authors. -Most beloved and influential composers and writers/artists across all genres. BOB and JERRY, through their songwriting, musicality and drive, have helped country music gain millions of new fans and expand its influence in film and television, and we’re proud to have already began to revitalize their songs and amplify their collective accomplishments. ”

MORRISON added, “I’ve been blessed to work with some great musicians. I feel the same way about the folks at MOJO. They’re real song fans. We have a real partnership and I’m really excited. of the adventure that we are going to live.”

Said REED’s daughter, LOTTIE ZAVALA, “[My sister] SEIDINA and I are extremely grateful to MARK and everyone at MOJO for loving dad and wanting to keep his music and memory alive. it means a lot to us. And we couldn’t be more excited about all the media projects we’re working on together to make sure his songs and his story continue to entertain and inspire future fans.

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