Nava Benefits launches a search engine for discovering modern benefits

More … than 155 million Americans obtain benefits, including health care, through their employer. But with employers as the main distribution channel for benefits, what’s less certain is how many Americans are able to access the new wave of digital benefits, which are often proven to reduce direct expenses and improve results. Employers are overwhelmed by the large number of benefit options available and lack the reliable information they need to assess and implement them across the organization. As a result, HR managers often search Google, sift through plans written in code, or have fragmented conversations with peers via text, Slack, or online forums. HR professionals are looking to their peers, as traditional benefits brokers may be incentivized to refer employers to former benefits providers or those with whom they have longstanding relationships.

Within the Nava Benefits search engine, employers can browse benefit categories, such as “mental health” or “fertility,” or search for a specific provider. Users will find detailed vendor information, unbiased reviews from other HR managers, and benchmark data to help them understand the benefits similar companies offer their employees. Together, these tools allow HR professionals to search, compare and obtain pricing for any supplier with speed, ease and without sales pressure.

“Employers are facing intense labor market pressure to stay competitive with their benefits, and the stakes have never been higher. But for too long they have struggled to determine what benefits they should offer, what providers they should consider and how much those benefits will cost,” said Brandon Weber, co-founder and CEO of Nava. “That’s changing today with the Nava Benefits search engine.”

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the vendors in the benefits space,” said lexi clark, Senior Director of People at Payscale. “Until now, HR managers had to do a quick Google search, ask their broker, or contact a colleague for vendor recommendations, but there was still uncertainty about which option was best for their business and their employees.Having a self-service resource like Nava’s Benefits Finder, which gives users a transparent view of what’s available and how it compares to competitors’ offerings, is huge for the HR community and provides another layer of education for conversations internally and with our brokers.”

For benefits providers, the Nava benefits search engine allows them to tell their story directly to the market, without relying on third parties to represent the nuance of their offering. The community is free for any benefits provider. To maintain trust and transparency in the marketplace, there are no sponsored or premium placements that would buy sellers their way to the top of a category.

“As a leading provider of healthcare navigation, Rightway has a close-up view of the challenges HR leaders face every day. Benefits decision-making can be incredibly overwhelming, complex and time-consuming, and Nava’s benefits finder eases that burden.” mentioned Kara Kubaritch, Vice President of Partnerships at Rightway. “We are excited to see the launch of this transparent resource and look forward to seeing the impact it will have on HR leaders and the employees they serve.”

About Nava Benefits
Nava Benefits is a modern benefits brokerage firm on a mission to fix health care, one benefit plan at a time. Nava was founded with a mission to provide affordable, high-quality health care to all Americans, starting with the 49% who have insurance through their employer. By partnering with healthcare and benefits advisors from the nation’s largest companies, Nava consolidates their knowledge, tools and best practices into a scalable, unified service offering that has helped small employers save $8 22% off their benefit plans. For more information, visit www.navabenefits.coMr.

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