PatientGenie Launches Private Search Engine with Patented Healthcare-Specific Provider Matching

AUSTIN, TX, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PatientGenie, an AI-powered healthcare navigation solution, today announced the beta launch of the first private search engine specifically focused on healthcare. With this search engine, PatientGenie will help consumers navigate through the complexities of provider research and deliver qualified patients to the provider’s front door using its patented algorithms and methods. In private.

Founded by an experienced and successful team of health technology entrepreneurs, it identified a gap in the market. “We’ve all struggled to find a new provider for whatever reason – moving, retiring, new diagnosis, etc,” said Brian Russon, CEO of PatientGenie. “From a consumer perspective, having a search tool to accurately match you with a new provider or list of providers based on your ailments, insurance needs, or your individual preferences.Expanding this to the ability to book appointments, either virtually or traditionally as part of this search experience will help consumers get the right appointment with the right provider in the most efficient way. ”

Most matching and search engines use limited matching parameters such as specialty and sort providers alphabetically or by distance, or offer search by procedure or condition as part of a limited or generic mapping of the specialty procedure. “On the other hand”, says Alex ZollerChief Product Officer, “The PatientGenie approach, which is protected by four U.S. patents, allows us to dynamically structure instant health care service flows, as well as routine care using models of in-person care, telepresence and blended care at any scale. Our analytics engines streamline healthcare access and delivery and enable PatientGenie to create much more consumer-friendly and efficient research.”

Privacy is the important part of PatientGenie search engine. “Your searches aren’t being sold or tracked, it’s nobody’s business but yours. It’s private,” Russon said. “Plus, there’s no way to buy your way to the top of search results. Healthcare providers and systems can claim their profiles and continually add relevant data to their profiles to improve their score. research to ensure an accurate match with qualified and prepared patients.”

The PatientGenie healthcare navigation solution is dynamic and responsive to changing healthcare needs and will add value across the entire healthcare continuum. It can be easily integrated with existing digital assets or deployed as a standalone application.

For any questions, please contact Brian Russon at (512) 772-4374 x.102 or [email protected]

SOURCEPatientGenie, Inc.