Primary Wave Music acquires interests in music publishing catalogs from Paul Rodgers, …

Rodgers (Photo: Randy Miramontez/

PRIMARY WAVE MUSIC’s latest deals are with PAUL RODGERS, whose company has acquired a stake in his music publishing catalog for songs he wrote for his bands FREE and BAD COMPANY, as well as royalty streams from master recording for both, and the AMERICA group, with the company purchasing the rights to GERRY BECKLEY and DEWEY BUNNELL in their catalog as well as certain name and likeness rights and several re-recordings. RODGERS’ deal also includes a new label imprint which will be distributed by SUN RECORDS and will sign new artists and curate compilations.

RODGERS said: “Innovative, hardworking, forward-thinking and courageous are just some of the adjectives that define PRIMARY WAVE. Given their in-depth knowledge of my catalog, partnering with them seems a natural progression, to ensure the messages and music endure for the fans.

“PAUL RODGERS is one of the greatest singers in rock history, if not the greatest,” said LARRY MESTEL, CEO of PRIMARY WAVE. “Now that PAUL has expanded its partnership with PRIMARY WAVE, everything in the world is good now.”

“We’re thrilled that our catalog is now in the good hands of the good people at PRIMARY WAVE, where the music we’ve created over the past 50 years will get new attention and exposure,” said BUNNELL. . “We are proud of the music we have produced over these decades and look forward to seeing the catalog continue to improve the lives of listeners for generations to come through the vision and actions of PRIMARY WAVE. Meanwhile, we actively continue to pursue our careers as songwriters and performers in the 21st century.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to add the greatness of AMERICA and the songs of GERRY and DEWEY to the icons and legends of PRIMARY WAVE,” added CMO ADAM LOWENBERG.

“AMERICA’s songs were the cornerstone of my youth. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing one of their classic rock hits,” partner BARBARA ROSE said. “Fifty years later, these songs still resonate with positive and uplifting memories of a bygone era. We are thrilled to be working with GERRY and DEWEY and their team to preserve those memories for future generations.”

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