Search engine Neeva, started by former Googlers, is now available for $5 a month

As Google comes under increasing criticism for its privacy practices, more startups are trying to come up with alternatives to Google — and Neeva is the latest.

Neeva is a new search engine with two bold features: it’s privacy-focused and it’s ad-free.

Of course, there is no free lunch, so that means a subscription.

The new Neeva search engine will not have advertising, but to maintain itself, it will require users to pay a monthly subscription of $4.95.

That in itself is a small sum, comparable to some streaming services, but search engines have always been free, so it’s curious whether Neeva will get a user base willing to pay.

Neeva will not only block banners and such, but also ads in search results. If you look at Google, which has about 6 ads on the first page of search results, out of a total of about ten positions, Neeva looks tempting.

It also comes with a browser extension that blocks all trackers for you, from Facebook to marketing services like Outbrain or Doubleclick. It’s a similar extension to uBlock Origin but it’s nice to have it included in the package.

As for the browser itself, it comes with all the integrations you’d expect: Google, Office 365, GitHub, Dropbox, and Slack.

It also allows you to personalize your search results by choosing trusted sites.

To take another swipe at Google, which has been accused of showing too much information in search results and thereby reducing traffic to web pages it has crawled for that information, Neeva will also share the proceeds with creators. of content.

“In addition, we support the content ecosystem. Rather than being a toll collector for web content, we are strongly pro-publisher and committed to creating revenue opportunities for content creators. We will share at least 20% of our revenue with content creator partners when their content is used to respond directly to a Neeva user’s query,” they state.

You can learn more about this new search engine here and get a 3 month free trial of Neeva.

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Search engine Neeva, started by former Googlers, is now available for $5 a month