Sunbow and Marvel Archive Update

Coming to the archives next month

“We Transformers have looked into the face of our creators…and seen the face of an enemy.”

Added a 7-page storyboard test drawn by Brian Ray, who worked on Season 1 proper. Showing his alternate take on the deleted and produced scenes from the first episode.

Incredible stuff! Thanks for sharing.

It’s been a while since I posted here, so here’s what the archive did:

Received a storyboard contribution from Megatron’s Master Plan Part 2. Drawn by Keith Tucker, this section of additional material was added to Act III as Don Glut’s script was around 3 or 4 minutes long.

Additionally, I have put together a collection of Toyfair catalog sections relevant to shows. Including a complete set of G1 catalogs from 1984 to 1990. The full list is as follows:

1982 GI Joe 1983 GI Joe 1984 GI Joe Transformers 1985 GI Joe Transformers 1986 GI Joe (pre-Toyfair and main catalog) Transformers (pre-Toyfair and main catalog) Jem Inhumanoids Robotix (Milton Bradley catalog) 1987 GI Joe Transformers Jem Air Raiders Battle Beasts Ninja Warriors Visionaries 1988 Jem (pre-Toyfair catalog only) GI Joe Transformers Visionaries (toyline canceled, too late to be removed from catalog 1989 Transformers 1990 Transformers Full list of links can be found in the April update:

Eventually I had time to download copies of the Hasbro Information Binders from the Friedman Auctions:

Had input from another first draft screenplay. Head to the link for Jetfire’s (you heard me…) debut in Fire In The Sky.

“Teletraan I with a personality.” ?

Added the first Roll For It rebuild draft to the archives. Which includes things like talking Laserbeak, Soundwave with vocabulary, and Teletraan I with personality.

The archive has now been updated to include the handwritten “Beats” chart and the first page of the premise/outline of Grimlock’s New Brain (titled Creation Of The Technobots). Uncut dialogue from Act I of Chaos has been merged into the existing dialogue script as well as the episode outline:

Just a reminder that the archive is still here and growing. I just added City Of Steel storyboard samples, taken from the full set auction about three years ago.

Also, if anyone has any material, they would be willing to contribute. All you need is the article itself, a phone with a camera, and Adobe Scan: .