Switch Chrome Search Engine to Android and Quit Google

Google is the center of Android and all the applications and services that this operating system accesses. It is, among other things, the search engine used not only in the system, but also in the main browser, Chrome.

Since not everyone wants to use this Google suggestion, it’s easy to change the specific search engine in Chrome. Today we show you how they can do it, using one of the suggestions provided in the Android browser.


Google is the default search engine for the Internet. This is what the competition tries to emulate and everyone is used to it, even if often indirectly or without realizing it. It seems to be the Internet standard, which not everyone wants.

With all the privacy issues out there, many would love to ditch Google with alternatives. Thus, Chrome on Android allows you to change the search engine used in the browser. This is a quick process that any user can easily perform.

This process is done in Android Chrome, so you need to open this browser on your smartphone. Here you need to open the browser menu, accessible through 3 dots at the top. Here you have to choose the Settings option towards the end.

From the list of Chrome configuration options, they should choose the option called Search Engine. This is located at the top, in the Essentials area, so it is easy to find and access by the user.

Now they have a list of browsers available in Chrome. They just have to choose the search engine they want to use and it is immediately active. They can also change location permissions and allowed notifications.

From then on, anything they type in the address bar will be searched. So far it was using Google, but it started using what they specified before. Try it and get more privacy and Other improvementss, just to change the Chrome search engine on Android