Tech startup launches free search engine identifying key opinion leaders for billions of health-related concepts

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Key Opinion Leadersa company that provides the world’s largest healthcare platform for benchmarking perception levels reliability healthcare professionals for specific health-related concepts, today announced that they have made their technology freely available to the public through their website, enables anyone with internet access to quickly understand what health-related concepts a doctor, researcher or company has perceived a reputation for. reliability for.

Robert Perry, a seasoned project manager working on technology, said: “The platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to analyze and rank billions of person-concept relationships, with coverage of over 50 million individuals and organizations located in over 170 countries. In terms of concepts, the relationships covered include medical conditions, medical procedures, medical devices, drugs, chemical elements, geographical locations and organizations.”

Mr. Perry described what could be considered a common use case for the technology: “Suppose you are a medical science liaison professional interested in finding the top experts in Japan are studying the use of pregabalin in cancer patients. With the use of this technology, one can refine the search criteria and not only find the best experts, but also compare their levels of perceived reputation authority, according to the AI-based engine, side by side for this concept specific. It is not the number of references or citations, but a quantifiable level of reliability for a very specific concept. Contextual reliability is the centerpiece of the technology.

By making this technology freely available to the public, aims to democratize access to healthcare research knowledge and put the discoverability of professionals with authority over specific concepts within the reach of anyone with access. to internet.

“This will effectively help level the playing field and accelerate critical healthcare discoveries. Now you can understand the level of influence of colleagues who live halfway around the world for a specific concept,” Mr. Perry added.

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Key Opinion Leaders provides the world’s largest healthcare platform that assesses the levels of perceived trustworthiness of the reputation of healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers working in the life sciences, for billions of different concepts. Learn more about Where

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