Vivaldi 5.3 brings a more customizable toolbar, search engine synchronization, more

Vivaldi released another feature update to its browser today. Version 5.3 is now available to all Stable Channel users with improved toolbar customization, search engine synchronization, and the ability to reset settings with one click.

You can download Vivaldi 5.3 from The Windows, macOSLinux and android. Here’s what’s new.

Editable toolbars

Vivaldi 5.3 gives its users full control over toolbar layout. You can select which buttons appear on a specific toolbar and adapt them to your unique needs. Browser allows customization of Navigation Toolbar, Status Toolbar, Mail Toolbar, Compose Mail Toolbar and Mail Toolbar.

To get started, right-click the toolbar and select Edit > Customize Toolbar.

New features of Vivaldi 53

Command strings in the toolbar

Vivaldi has a unique scripting tool for creating custom workflows and algorithms. With version 5.3, you can place your command strings as buttons on the toolbar for quick access.

New features of Vivaldi 53

Reset button

Vivaldi is famous for its extensive customization options, so it’s only natural for some users to get a little lost or over-customize their experience. To solve this inconvenience, Vivaldi 5.3 brings the possibility to reset a specific settings section with a single click. For example, reset appearance settings or reset bookmark settings.

New features of Vivaldi 53

Search engine synchronization

The browser can now sync your search engines across all Vivaldi installations across desktops, mobile devices and even cars from Polestar and Renault.

Finally, Vivaldi 5.3 comes with a long list of bug fixes and minor improvements. You can find them all in the official release notes.